Saturday, March 08, 2008

Dr. John

In addition to my other ongoing projects I am going to institute a "Painting of the Week" section of my blog. The reason I decided to is because I am taking an independent study with Tim O'Brien and I want to really up my chops and the quality of my work for it. I thought the best way to do that was to hit my nose to the grindstone. Not that I don't already work hard, but I always feel I can do more... Plus it will give people a reason to come back and check out what I'm working on.

Dr. John is a great R/B singer and pianist. Two interesting facts about him; he got his pinky finger shot off in a bar fight, and he was the inspiration for Jim Henson's Dr. Teeth. I already did this portrait once before, but after some crit from Tim I went back and worked on it. In the first version there was no background, but after looking over Winslow Homers Florida watercolors I decided it would be appropriate to put him in a swampy area. I'm pretty proud of the way it came out - feel free to tell me what you think. Here are a couple of the Winslow Homer paintings I was inspired by:

Winslow Homer is one of my main influences. He is a great master of watercolors - the clarity in his looseness is amazing. I pore over all of his paintings every time I get ready to paint one of my own. And every time I'm satisfied with a painting I look back at his work and realize how much further I still have to go.

Homer said of painting, "it is a gift to be able to see the beauties of nature... you must not paint everything you see. You must wait, and wait patiently until the exceptional, the wonderful effect or aspect comes."

Dr. John - Sack-A-Lee

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