Saturday, March 01, 2008

Sketchbook Update

Someday everythings gonna be different
When I paint my masterpiece

Another week gone by, just thought i'd update with some work from my sketchbook. This was done from life in about 20 minutes, I did a couple others but this one was the jewel of the bunch (it was done in my figure drawing class). Life drawing is a very complicated thing that takes many years to nail, and I am by no means a master. My professor Al Gury is such a master, it is a pleasure every week to watch him draw the figure effortlessly and accurately. It is uplifting and simultaneously depressing to watch an amazing painter work, but in the end it always hardens my resolve to become as good of an illustrator as I can manage.

The Band - When I Paint My Masterpiece

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REAU said...

ha ha that looks like Karen