Thursday, April 24, 2008

Painting of the Week: Black and White

Finished the first page of a black and white comic I'm doing. I based this comic off of a poem, I just haven't done the type yet - It will be one of three pages when it's all done.

I was inspired by my weekend at the NY con, my talk with David Mack and seeing Paolo Rivera's Capitan America: Mythos in progress, it was so well done, and the narrative so strong (it was in a wordless state when I read through it) - it made me want to paint a comic that communicated effortlessly without the need for type - yet would still work well with something lyrical and interpretive.

This was also a bit different for me because I worked on painting opaquely over my black washes with white acrylic. It makes for a neat smoky effect, but the acrylic dries so fast. I'll never leave my watercolors - they stay good forever, just add water.

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