Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Painting of the Week: Imagine Intelligence

Shelter: Page 1

This is the finish for the comic page I had shown in progress. It's about a cat that is found in Philadelphia and the relationship with its owner. I think it will be a pretty nifty story once it's finished, and I am glad to have made some progress. I'll be posting more as it is completed.

Imagine Intelligence

The estate of John Lennon recently lost a lawsuit to stop the use of "Imagine" in a pro-intelligent design film. I think that the rights of the Beatles works have been grossly abused, and that the fact that their estates have so little control over their songs is a sad thing.


Tim said...

I'm liking the Lennon piece a lot. The yellow is an interesting color choice and it compliments the documentarian nature of the insects inside. Niceski buddyski

Alexis said...

Shane I love Imagaine Intelligence!The expression is really beautiful, you're getting so soft It's really great to see.