Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Fishermans Wife

He promised to write me a letter
He promised to write to me
But I haven't heard from my darling
Who is sailing on the deep blue sea

This is my sketch for a page i'm doing with some Carter Family lyrics as a narriative, a lot of people over at the Autumn Society are doing pieces based on the same theme. I thought that a fishermans wife would live in a place that looked a lot like an andrew wyeth painting. I'm going to use his paintings as a guide for this pieces color pallete.

I'm working on this, and my watership down piece while I wait for a possible job to come through. Hopefully we'll hear some good news from that in the future.

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Alexis said...

Hey this looks like this will be an interesting piece.I'm excited to see the way you incorporate the Wyeths influence. I'm sorry I was short with you on the phone today, I was going to be late to my belly dancing class:) Hopefully we can talk more later.