Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fishermans Wife

Here's my final Illustration from the sketch I posted before. I changed it a bit from the sketch, because when I was working on it I realized that the multiple faces were distracting and a little repetitive, so I decided to only include one, to focus the illustration. I also changed the house panel to a panel depicting the rigging of the ship, to instead focus on the distance between her and her husband, rather than her lonliness (which I believe is depicted in the portrait).

I'll be at The Baltimore Comic Convention with some folks from The Autumn Society. Should be a good show.


Alexis said...

i like this better than the original sketch its really calming, the colors and the pose. Nice

Alison said...

i love how her hair is almost solely pure paper without much pigment. the paper texture really lends itself.