Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Baltimore Comic Con + New Work

Here's my newest painting, I've got a couple more pages of it to finish, but I thought I would post my progress so far. I have been into this sepia mode lately, but I was glad I was able to bring more color into it this go round. The comic is based off of the story that a young Hank Williams learned how to play guitar from a black blues musician (Rufus "Tee Tot" Payne). I am very interested in these kinds of stories, because one often thinks of the 1930's as largely segregated; but we are often reminded that even in times of deep racism, a common humanity can prevail.

I was down at Baltimore this past weekend, the convention was a lot of fun. I was with some people from the Autumn Society, and we had a few tables. It was nice to meet new people, and see other people again. The Philadelphia Cartoonist Society had their "Children of the Watchen" book out, and it was cool too see everyone's work in there. Got to stop by David Mack's booth and talk for a bit, which is always awesome because his work is a big influence on my own. Here's a couple sketches that I did at the con:

Nightcrawler, Dr. MidNite, Doc Savage

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