Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Brandywine River Museum

Autumn at the Brandywine
and Andrew Wyeths house

Today I went to the Brandywine Museum in Chads Ford Pennsylvania. It's not too far away from Philadelphia - which is nice. It contains many amazing paintings, including an extensive collection of Wyeths. There was an interesting show called "Painters as Illustrators," it showed work by various painters in an illustration context and also a fine art context. I also got to drive by Andrew Wyeths house, it was very tempting to pull over and go knock on the front door.

Three paintings by Howard Pyle
and two watercolors.

The Pyle paintings were amazing, I admired his brushwork for a long time. His watercolors were so brilliant, such refined and meaningful washes. I have a lot to learn from looking at his work. Maxfield Parish had some amazing pieces there as well, unfortunately security guards did not let me take pictures of those paintings, or the N.C. or Andrew Wyeth ones. Needless to say they were great. James Wyeth had some very impressive work on display - I was happy to see new work in all the galleries since the last time I was there - about a year ago.

Two Paintings by James Wyeth
"We're charged, my father and I, with being a pack of illustrators. I've always taken it as a supreme compliment. What's wrong with illustration? There's this thing now that illustrations are sort of secondary to art and I think it's a bunch of crap." - James Wyeth

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Eric Braddock said...

Today was awesome, so many new pieces, so many good old ones.

That crow looks so small in your photo, which is hilarious to me.