Friday, February 27, 2009


Here's that illustration I did a while back - in context.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


February 25th, 1943

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Notes on the Economic Crisis

Above is an illustration I did for an article entitled, "Notes on the Economic Crisis" (for The Indypendent). Considering the subject matter, it was a depressing article to say the least. It mentioned Obama frequently, but I didn't really feel like drawing him again. So I stepped back and considered the overall themes. I think that a hummingbird sucking nectar from a wilted flower is an appropriate metaphor for the economic crisis. Also, I thought it would inject some sentimentality into a rather dry article.

It was really fun to paint. Once again, a very short deadline. Finished the sketch yesterday, final today.

Hummingbirds are very cute and they invaded my sketchbook.

When I tell you that I spent hours trying to draw convincing wilted flowers, I do hope you believe me, because that is no lie.

UPDATE : Here's how it appeared in print.

They changed the title I noticed, good thing I didn't get very far with my note or writing themed thumbnails.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Here's that illustration I did a while back, in its new home. I thought it was kind of cool to see, so I thought i'd share it.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Iron Tree : One

When I was at NYCC I got a copy of Eric Orchards Harry & Silvio book. It was really wonderful, only about 10 pages, but it really gave you a feel for the story. So inspired by Eric, I decided to create my own little book. The first page is above. I had a lot of fun painting the foggy trees, it's something I've painted before. As soon as I got the idea for the first page, I knew i'd be painting those trees again. I hope to have the next page up soon.


Flowers I bought last week, catching some sun.

In my studio I try to surround myself with things that inspire me. I have posters of bands I like, and many prints and books of artists I admire. I also try to surround myself with things from the natural world. My last plant died, it lived for a year though. In my grief I found another plant at acme, this one had beautiful white flowers. It now sits right next to me on my bookshelf catching rays in the window.

Over the summer I bought a bird feeder. No birds ever came to it. Until about a week ago, when we had an especially windy day, my bird feeder fell down. Now the birds flock to it! It makes me happy to look out my window and see a collection of little finches. Also it drives my cat insane.

Little finches on my balcony.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New York Comic Con

Saxon, from Mouse Guard.

Thursday I drove down to NY for the annual NYCC. Friday was the first day of the con, then I went to the Society of Illustrators book and editorial opening. It was awesome, highlights included: Tim O'Brien winning the Hamilton King, meeting so many illustrators I admire, meeting Mark English. The rest of the con went well, got to meet David Petersen from MouseGuard, and he was really nice (when I went home I did a quick little Saxon painting, which can be seen above). Ran into Eric Orchard and got a copy of his book, which was amazing. Got a Flash ring which completed many childhood dreams. Thanks to everyone I ran into, you were all really great!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


This is a piece I did for the "Honest Abe" show at Brave New Worlds in Old City (Philadelphia). Some great folks will be there, like Adam Rex, Tim Durning and some great guys from Teddy Scares. The show goes up this Friday!

I had a lot of fun painting the little cotton puffs. I think of Lincoln as a prairie lawyer, and also as the man who freed the slaves - so I thought cotton would be a fitting background that applied to both these characteristics. Hope to see you out there!

Here's a close up of those puffs.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Studio Space

Here's my studio space. It's not to big, but i'm happy that its just a short trip from my bed (which is covered in a ton of blankets/laundry) to my studio. It has a lot of light, which I really enjoy. A lot of posters, as you can see - and I've got my laptop hooked up to a double monitor. I have a bookshelf right next to my desk so I can grab reference, I've got Homer, Wyeth, Waterhouse and Mignola at an arms length, just to name a few. And my favorite part of my studio, my little kitten Ingrid.